Thursday, November 03, 2005

Halloween Night

Here we are in our Halloween get ups. Tricia was a fly, Parker a Black Widow Spider and I was a Bug Exterminator. My tool belt had fly swatters, Raid, and a net in it. It was really fun to make the costumes and we got a lot of great responses.
Here is my little fly girl!! She had a lot of fun buzzing around the neighborhood.
My eight legged little man. Parker had fun with his arms because they were attached with fishing line, so when he moved his arm all the arms moved at the same time. He liked doing Black Widow Karate. He put on his outfit the Friday before Halloween for a party at the YMCA and said, "I am Black Widow man ready to fight crime." He started doing all this Karate stuff and flying around. I envisioned his costume falling apart before Halloween even arrived, so I told him, "Black Widow man can fight crime on November 1st." He understood and Black Widow Karate was only practiced a little bit here and there.
Do I even need to caption this picture? It was a creepy crawly kind of night. Hope you enjoyed this pictures. I would love to hear what you were for Halloween or see pictures of the kids.

Have a great day.

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Wylee said...

You look like you're having so much fun! Tell Black Widow man his Karate moves look "super cool" to me and he must have done a great job fighting crime on Halloween night because all the pumpkins in my neighborhood survived the criminal pumpkin smashers! What a sweet family you have, keep having fun with them.