Friday, November 04, 2005

Tricia's Birthday

Things have been crazy for the month of October and they are still busy. We are getting ready for Tricia's 8th birthday party on Saturday. We are having a Mad Scientist party. The kids each get their own googles. We will be painting a Volcano to explode at the end of the party, making their own slime to take home, we have a Frankenstein ring toss, an eyeball pinata, and they got to put flavored sugar in test tubes for them to take home. We also bought one of those Electric Balls where they put their hand on it and the electricity follows their hand. They also get a Frankenstein cup with a lid and straw to drink out of and they are eating off of eyeball plates. I'm not sure all the food we will be having, but one thing will be a brain made out of Jello. It will be cool. I will probably blog at the beginning of the week with pictures. Have a great weekend. Take some time for yourself and remember you are too blessed to be stressed.

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