Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Look at my Cute Colonial Kid!!

Today started Colonial Days in Tricia's Class, so here is my cute little Colonial kid. We found the coat, skirt, apron and shirt and the local GoodWill. She had the long hair and bonnet already.
I love this picture of Tricia. She looks so grown up. Next thing I know I'll be packing her up to head out to college. SIGH!
The pictures taken outside were taken this morning. Yes, that white stuff for those of you who don't know, is called snow and yes, I did make her pose without her jacket so we could see the whole outfit.

Remember how I said this was going to be a goofy day (see post below) and week, well, this morning started off with a bang. I was driving Tricia to the bus stop, which is only about 5 houses down, but it was still snowing and it was cold and she was in her Colonial stuff, so I drove her. Well, I didn't realize that my windows on my car had this thick layer of ice. So I turned on my window wipers and it scraped a little hole for me to try and drive with. I was driving blind. I pulled over 1 house down and scraped a little then drove again. No good. Pulled over 3 houses down, saw the bus in my rearview mirror. Yelled at Tricia, "Get out and run babe." Turned on my flashers, started running with Tricia, yelling for the bus to wait. It was a funny picture, me running after this little colonial kid to the bus, my car parked now 4 houses away with the flashers on. When I got back in the car, I couldn't find my keys. In the craziness of yelling at Tricia I ripped them out of the ignition and throw them towards the passenger seat. I'm just thankful I didn't lock the door. :-) So that my friends is my goofy morning. I just hope this day gets better.

Your Goofy Friend,


Bolder said...

gah! she looks like a short version of you!!

Mommymeepa said...

Yup, she's my little mini me!!
I can show her pictures of me as a toddler and she thinks they are her. LOL :-)

Bolder said...

not surprised!