Saturday, February 23, 2008

Food Network Fun in the Sun

Here was my day in a nutshell.
-Went to the Tasting Event today. Started off with a show for Bobby Flay.
-Went to a book signing of his. He is really nice. Got my wine glass signed and a book.
-Walked around a little and got in line about 45 minutes early for a Rachel Ray book signing. My son Parker has a crush on her so had to meet her. She signed my wine glass and book and took several pictures.
-Went to the tasting tent and tried all kinds of wonderful food. I am very picky, but told Keith I would try anything except Octopus. Guess what? I even tried that.
-Went and got in line early to meet Anthony Bourdain. Met Anthony. He is very nice. Having a 10 month old daughter has done wonders for him.
-Went to Guy Fieri's show. He was the winner of The Next Food Network star in season 1.
-Next we saw Ming Tsai. He was our favorite demonstration. He has a show called Simply Ming. He is so funny.
-Last show for the day was Anthony Bourdain. He was so funny. It was a free for all. He just talked and people asked questions.
-Out of protest for how Emeril was last night I did not go to his show. I went to Ming instead and am so glad.
-Heading to the pool now.
-More later.

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Iron Benny said...

Where are you girl? Haven't heard from you in a while. Are you still at it?