Thursday, February 07, 2008

I deserve it!!

I wrote this poem back in July of 2005. I am glad that I found it again. Enjoy!!

I Deserve it!!
by Melissa

I used to tell myself that I was not good
that losing weight, I never would.

I didn't like myself or looking in the mirror.
Being fat my whole life was a real fear.

This fear I never did anything about.
I ate when I was sad, angry, happy or just wanted to pout.

Dr Phil says, "Get real and excited about your life,"
but until I acknowleged the problem all I had was strife.

I picked up his book and started to read,
right thinking is on of his 7 keys.

First I dismissed all those people who said I'd never lose weight.
I dismissed the thoughts that being skinny was the only way to be great.

All those people over the years that said, "You have a pretty face,"
didn't realize it hurt me and set me back a pace.

You know what they mean when they say that to you,
but really you want to be beautiful all the way through.

So all my negative dialog I've thrown out the door
because I know I"m worthy and I deserve much more.

I deserve to be excited about my life.
I deserve to learn good ways of coping with strife.

I deserve to like what I see in the mirrior.
I walk out the door head held high with no fear.

I'm excited about my days!
I'm excited about getting fit!

This is a life I love
and you know what?

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