Tuesday, July 08, 2008

I'm so frustrated.

It seems like when I am finally getting things situated something always has to come along and mess it up.
For instance, I just worked on a schedule for the rest of my summer with a goal of doing a 5k and a 50 mile bike ride at the beginning of the fall. I will probably be able to do those still, but I ripped my right calf muscle last night. I was fielding at my son's little league practice and went for a pop fly. I did an amazing catch and when I came down I felt the riiiiiip in my right calf muscle. I have to go to physical therapy for the next few weeks three times a week and wear a boot every waking moment. I'm frustrated, but also very thankful to God that I did not need surgery. I cannot drive and obviously I cannot work out. I am in a lot of pain, but am masking it a lot so I don't worry the kids.

I'm really frustrated tonight, so I decided to list some things that I am thankful for.

1. I am thankful that I do not need surgery.
2. I am thankful for beautiful healthy children.
3. I am thankful for my wonderful husband.
4. I am thankful for great doctors and physical therapists.
5. I am thankful for my friends and family.
6 I am thankful for a great church.
7. I am thankful for this wonderful country I live in.
8. I am thankful for people who believe in me and don't dismiss me.
9. I am thankful whe my kids crack me up.
10. I am thankful for hugs and kisses.
11. I am thankful for nature.
12. I am thankful for my house and the neighborhood I live in.
13. I am thankful for the very blessed life I live and a sore calf and a boot cannot take away from my blessed life.

Please pray for quick healing and patience on my part. Thanks.


TeriLynn said...

Melissa, I just wnated to let you know that my link changed! Hope all gets better soon!

Go Mom Go said...

Praying for you...

good job finding the positive, it sure seems hard at times and you are going to ultimately be fine.


Megan said...

Oh man! That stinks! I think you have a great attitude though with your gratitude list. I used to do the ABCs of gratitude each night, but I fell off. Your post reminded me that I need to get back on the wagon.

I will send good healing vibes your way!