Saturday, August 09, 2008

Blog thoughts

On my trip to Utah I got to have lunch with two of my favorite bloggers, Benny and Nytro. We started talking about our blogs and blogs in general. Why do we blog? Who are we blogging for? what happens when we see a lot of comments of none at all?

I started my blog in 2005 when I went away for 5 weeks to a fitness camp. I had a lot of friends and family who wanted updates and I did not want to email everyone indivdually, so HERE'S TO A HEALTHIER was born.

My last day of camp I decided to do a sprint tri summer of 2006, so I kept my blog going. I wrote about my family, my life, and my health journey. Along the way I have met some incredible people. It has been amazint, but lately I have been struggling with the whole blog thing. Some of my friends have gone private with their blogs, which I am not going to do, but I am going to disable my comments. Some days I am bummed to see no comments, thrilled when I see some comments and thrilled when I get over 5 or even in the double digits. I often start to wonder what can I write to make more people read and comment on my blog. That's when I started asking myself who I am really writing this blog for? Is it for me or my readers? Lately, it has been more for my readers, not me.

A few of my blogger friends have now gone private with their blogs, some have quit blogging all together, and some are just starting again with blogging for themselves. So from here on out I blog for me. Read along if you woud like and I would love you too. If you would like to comment please feel free to email me. Most of you that read my blog know my email address. If not you can go into my pfofile and find it there.

I am at the beginning of a journey to lose 130 pounds and training to do a 1/2 Ironman in 2011. I would love you along for the journey, but the person I need to do this for the most is me, so that is who I will be focusing on now in my blog.

I will be focusing on my relationship with God, my family, my helath, my fitness goals, my friends, my house, my education, and my happiness.

So for right now it's all about me baby!!

I cannot wit to see what is going to happn!!

Here's to a new blogging me!! Cheers!!

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