Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I am sitting here with my foot in a bucket of ice.
I have been having pain in my heel.
I pulled a muscle in my sore heel today.
I can barely walk. I have a triathlon on Sunday.

Baby John D. age 14 months.
Born with Down Syndrome and Leukemia.
Leukemia was in remission, but now it's back.
He goes into the hospital on Monday to start chemo.
He will be there for 6 months, 6 MONTHS.

Kinda puts my whole heel situation and triathlon situation in perspective, huh?
I'm very blessed. I'm blessed with two healthy children.
I'm blessed with my health even my sore heel.
I am learning to praise God through all my circumstances.

Please pray for Little John, his family, his doctors, and his nurses. His family has a long road ahead of them and will need all the prayers they can get.

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Nimkee's Mum said...

~Dear Melissa, it's been quite some time since I've been in touch, but please know that you are thought of often. I am sending healing prayers to you and baby John D. May you both receive the strength and courage that you need along your healing journeys, and Life! I can so relate to the end of your blog. Today I wrote a blog, (first time in months) about something similar. It is entitled "things can always be worse". I was thinking where I am, vs where I was---and although there have been rough days, I find comfort in knowing that "things could always be worse". Knowing this helps me to appreciate all of those blessings that I have in my daily life.
~Much love, peace, & Nimkee blessings to you & yours,
Melissa :O)