Friday, February 11, 2011

My new reality.

Today started off like any other Friday. Took Tricia to school and headed to the gym before heading to my awesome chiropractor, Kevin O'hara of Arlington Heights.

As I was driving to the gym my stomach started hurting very badly. It was kind of hurting when I woke up, but not this bad. I was trying to decide if I should still go to the gym or not and then I decided that if I got a stomach ache on race day I would have to deal with it and push on, so that is what I did today, I dealt with it and pushed on.

I headed into the gym and up to the locker room, and got ready, feeling worse. The Buehler YMCA, where I work out when I am in Palatine, has a workout room in the women's locker room and it has a treadmill, so I decided since I wasn't feeling so hot I would work out in there. That way in case I needed a bathroom I had easy access. I'm glad I did that. After three minutes of running and I had another type of running to do. I ran to the bathroom grabbing a trash can along the way.

I ended up not throwing up, but spent quite a bit of time in there knowing my workout was over for the morning. I ended up crying in the bathroom stall. A lady from the Foglia YMCA that I swim with was there and another great lady Charlie was there. They both talked to me until I felt well enough to leave.

I don't know if this was Chron's or if this is me just getting sick (my coach told me the flu is going around right now), but what I realized is that this is my new reality. I may get all the way to the gym and my body won't let me work out. There will be days, like this past Tuesday, when my stomach was hurting and I just stayed in bed and rested. There will be days where I will have no symptoms and will be able to work out like a rock star. I just need to take one day at a time and listen to my body.

One thing today, that I am very proud of, is that regardless of whether or not I had a stomach ache, I still got to the gym and gave it a go. Another thing that I am proud of is that I knew when to stop and call it a day. These are new concepts for me. In the past I would use any excuse not to work out and I also didn't know when to stop at times and would push when I shouldn't have and have hurt myself. So today showed me again, how far I have come in my journey.

Today showed me what my new reality is, but I also know that my reality is that I am an athlete and I will continue to push forward, test my body, and do what I can to reach my athletic goals.

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